Man Push Cart, 2005

Man Push Cart which was released in 2005, is an American film directed and produced by Ramin Bahrani. It is about the life of a Pakistani man, Ahmad Razvi, who works a pushcart on the streets of Manhattan, New York.  He wakes up at 3:00 a.m. every morning and sells coffee and bagels out of his pushcart. His wife passed away about a year ago from when the film takes place. An immigrant from Pakistan, he is haunted by his past working hard to create a new life for himself. A genuinely caring and thoughtful man he is, working restless hours. He is doing everything he can to make more money to live the American dream. On top of working his pushcart he also does handyman work and sells DVD’s. In the film he meets another man from Pakistan who is wealthy and successful. Ahmad does a lot of handy work for this man and develops an interesting relationship with him.

This film shows the life of an immigrant, the haunting of the past, interesting friendships, and the love a security of Ahmad’s pushcart. One would never be able to tell, but Ahmad was a former rock start back in Pakistan. He gave up his music and his everything for his family, which ended up serving him no good. His wife dies and he has an uncomfortable relationship with his son whom he rarely sees.

The most dramatic scene in the film is when Ahmad sees two men selling cotton candy and musical recorders. Getting excited when he sees the instrument he leaves his pushcart stand. Running through the streets of New York he catches the men selling the recorders. Excited with his one-dollar purchase he walks back to his stand where he sees the most devastating thing possible. His pushcart is gone. Somebody stole his job away from him. He just paid off the final payment on the cart and was making progress in starting a new life since his wife past away. Not only was Ahmad’s cart stolen, but also a beginning to a new life was now gone. This left him back where he started with nothing. His pushcart was his everything. It represented the baby and son he couldn’t hold on to.  He took care of his cart every single day, cleaning it, pushing it everywhere, and serving the morning risers in Manhattan. His cart was his security and all he was comfortable with. Devastated by his past his pushcart symbolized a clean slate. Getting closer and closer to a good life is all shattered in a matter of maybe 5 minutes. The stealing of his pushcart was the end of everything. He is left naked and lost in the big city of Manhattan.

This film is a heartbreaking story of a man with a daunting past trying to escape his pain and simply survive. Sadly, he and cannot seem to find a way to do so.





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